Winchester Group Given Go Ahead To Examine Bones


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We may soon be closer to knowing the final resting place of King Alfred the Great with a Winchester Group given go ahead to examine bones found in the city.

Winchester Community Group Hyde900 can now commission scientific research into historic bones found at St Bartholomew’s Church after a successful petition to the Chancellor of the Diocese of Winchester.

Winchester Group Given go Ahead to Examine Bones

It follows the exhumation of skeletal remains from an unmarked grave in late March 2013.

Winchester Group Given Go Ahead to Examine Bones

The group has now petitioned successfully to the Consistory Court  of the Diocese of Winchester for what is known as a Faculty – or formal permission to commission the scientific investigation of the bones in order to establish their dates and provenance.

Winchester Group Given Go Ahead to Examine Bones – Why They Want To Do It

Hyde 900 Chair Steve Marper says it’s all about mystery, curiosity – and science: “Our Victorian predecessors did their utmost to identify and safeguard these important remains from the area of the Royal graves, using the limited knowledge and means then available.

“Modern science a century and a half later offers the possibility of taking this much further. We at Hyde900 are delighted that permission has now been given for expert analysis, and we look forward to learning more of the individuals represented by these remains.”

Winchester Group Given Go Ahead to Examine Bones

It’s expected to be a number of months before any results will be available – and all concerned appear to be keeping mum until then.

The remains in the meantime will stay in the care and protection of the Consistory Court of the Diocese, under whose authority any decisions about re-interment will be made.