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Following on from their comedy ‘A Bolt from the Blue’ where the Cheriton Players actually managed to bring an electricity pylon to the village hall stage, the Players are now Waiting For The Inspector To Call.

More importantly, it will be in front of a huge audience; ‘An Inspector Calls’ sold out three weeks before the first curtain even rises.

Waiting For The Inspector To Call – ‘An Inspector Calls’ well known in classrooms…

The Players are to stage a classic piece of drama that numerous GCSE students have studied over the years. This is the swing from May to December for Cheriton Players who have chosen a serious drama for their latest production.

A moralist and socialist, J.B. Priestley set his masterpiece in the industrial Midlands the week before Titanic’s fatal maiden voyage; but he wrote it in the 1940s, just after the second World War.

The decision to set it when he did, was to emphasise that this was a time of great prosperity and optimism for some whilst others still suffered great poverty and deprivation.

The irony is not lost on the reader that the Great War is just around the corner and that this will change everything forever.

Cheriton Players are better known for their comedy and may well return to that genre in the spring.

But for the moment, audiences have been flocking to buy tickets for what promises to be a very entertaining, if thought provoking, evening.

‘An Inspector Calls’ runs from 4-7 December at Cheriton Village Hall.

If you would like more information on the Cheriton Players, you can find it here.

Waiting For The Inspector To Call

The mysterious Inspector Goole (centre, played by David Cradduck) casts a gloomy shadow on the evening’s celebrations.

Left to right: Mr Birling (Mike Cornter), Mrs Birling (Helena Gomm), Eric Birling (Charlie Hellard), Gerald Croft (Jules Anderson), Sheila Birling (Tracey Anderson) and Edna (Rebecca Leadley).