Lapping it up in Lyme


Posted by Andy Goddard

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PIC Lyme 1
Editor Kevin Gover takes a 
stroll to Lyme along 
the Dorset Coast

Two things about Lyme were always predictable. In November you could always get the best seat in the best coffee shop at 10 in the morning while other tourists struggled with the cold. If there was a storm, you would ALWAYS see a picture of waves battering Marine Parade on the front page of the Daily Telegraph the next morning.

Sadly, the second one is out since they re-did the beach. But the first is still possible. Even in the height of summer.

Let’s face it, the baking weather in Winchester has led most of us to crave for the beach. Others are nearer, of course, but if you leave Winchester at 8 in the morning you can be in Lyme by 10.

I would also encourage you to go on the ‘back’ roads too – through Stockbridge, Salisbury and Blandford. Far more pleasant.

You will of course want to stop at Dorchester, Chesil Beach, West Bay and Bridport too. But why not go all the way to Lyme and then stop off at all of these on the way back?

Lyme Coast

The Cobb Gate Fish Bar at the junction of Marine Parade and Broad Street does the best fish and chips I have ever tasted. But all the fish and chip shops are good. After all, the fish doesn’t have to come very far. Just don’t try to sit on the beach and eat them. The seagulls have already seen you coming.

A Dorset Cream tea almost anywhere, a gentle stroll around the harbour, a walk on top of The Cobb and splashing through the waves on the beach… my trip on July was very pleasant indeed. And £2 to park the car. That’s not £2 per hour. £2 for the whole Sunday.

Me? I’ll see you there on a wet Wednesday in November too. Lyme is the perfect chill-out zone at any time of year.