The Forgotten Workers – a new exhibition for Winchester


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pic Rachel 5

The reality of poverty in countries – some not so far away – is soon to be reflected in a series of photographs by Rachel Gover at an exhibition being held at the Art Café in Winchester.


‘The Forgotten Workers’ is Rachel Gover’s first solo exhibition. She says she’s really excited that Winchester is hosting the event:

“The photographs are a select few of my favourites which I took in various countries – India, Ghana and Greece. My theme for the photographs is the forgotten workers, those who try their hardest to work, sometimes for long, long hours.”


Rachel is a contemporary applied artist who draws inspiration from lives unexplored. She is utterly fascinated by people; stories untold are the motivation for her practice.

Rachel Gover


Through photography, she conveys the beautiful fragility of our existence and feeds her own obsession with identity and unspoken expression.

Rachel Gover


Rachel’s application of delicate line and tactile approach invites an audience to involve themselves in the narrative she is forming.

Rachel Gover


Her photography is almost a means of thrill seeking; she is excited by capturing fleeting moments of everyday life where the visual and tangible seem to meet.

pic Rachel 2


‘The Forgotten Workers’ will be staged in the downstairs gallery of the Art Café, Jewry Street, Winchester from 20th October until 2nd November 2014.