A Man With a Mission (For Our Friend David)


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by Winchester Today’s Editor Kevin Gover

Those of you who know ‘our man’ in Cheriton, Alresford and Tichborne – David Cradduck – will know that he hasn’t been out and about in the area recently. That’s not like him at all.

In fact, much of his view recently has been one of a not-very-inspiring-one-of-ambulances-from-a-window-at-Southampton-General.

For David has been trying to see the back of a rare form of lymphoma. This involves 12 weeks of chemotherapy.


Far from feeling sorry for himself and this situation though, David has managed to write it all down in the form of a blog. Not only that, but in just a few weeks he’s managed to raise thousands of pounds for lymphomas.org.uk – for a special project of theirs that will help train GPs.

They’ve told David that they are very excited about the new GP online training programme that they are developing in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing.

The 30-minute e-learning module has been written by GP Dr Afsana Safa and GPs will be able to access it at any time that is convenient to them.

Through a series of case studies, the module will show GPs what to look out for and help them to better understand the signs of lymphoma, so that they are able to spot those patients more likely to have lymphoma from those who don’t and make quicker referrals.


Here is the link to the blog:


… and here is the link to the Virgin Giving page:


So, from all of us at Winchester Today – David, please get well soon.


For our readers, please – follow the links.


It could save a life. Thank you.