Winchester MP Secures Debate On Flooding


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Steve Brine has managed to bring the subject of flooding in Winchester and the District to a wider audience by securing a debate in Westminster Hall.


He brought more insight to ministers of what happened to places like Littleton, Sutton Scotney, Headbourne Worthy and Hursley. He also described how the River Itchen had effectively been diverted to avoid making the situation worse.


Steve described what happened last winter as a “nightmare” – but also pointed out that lessons had been learned from previous experiences, and that the flooding could have been far greater.


Steve also discussed the Pathfinder programme, which looks at resilience across the county, and the repair and renew grant.


Here is an extract from Hansard, the official parliamentary record of proceedings in the House:

“I place on the record my thanks, on behalf of my constituents and many others in Hampshire, for the £11.5 million that our county was awarded from the Government’s flood recovery fund to assist with repairs following the floods.


“That has been invaluable in repairing roads in my constituency, such as Springvale road in Kings Worthy and the B3047 through Itchen Abbas, which were ripped to shreds by floodwater.


“Hampshire spent £5 million of that £11.5 million on repairing the county’s roads. That was in addition to the £35 million that the county spends on highways as part of its annual maintenance budget. That is a word of thanks, which I know the Minister will appreciate.

“As I have tried to set out, many things went well in my constituency last winter when we were faced with unprecedented levels of rainfall, and there are real success stories to tell.


“We need some further help, as I outlined, in preparation for winter 2014-15. In preparation for this winter, however, other nuts are not so easy to crack. I close by stressing the importance to me and to my constituents of the Pathfinder scheme, as put forward by Hampshire county council.


“I look forward to hearing what other Members have to say, and I look forward to the response from the Minister and the shadow Minister.”

 The floods in images below:

PIC Flooding 5