Review: The Great Cheriton Variety Show, Cheriton Village Hall.


Posted by Andy Goddard

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Cheriton Players

A quick look through the ‘previous productions’ by the Cheriton Players will show you that Music Hall presentations were a regular part of the yearly offerings, usually every January / February right up to 1990 when they fizzled out.

More’s the pity because there was plenty of the Music-Hall type of singing on offer in this performance to get us singing along and joining in. On top of that there was poetry, drama and comedy to add to the mix, and to delight us all. Hey, we even had some gentle heckling!

I particularly enjoyed ‘Flash, Bang, Wallop’ led by Charlie Hellard and the Chorus, along with singing along to the Hippopotamus song… the note perfect rendition of ‘Memory’ complete with cat costume… and there were plenty of boos and hisses in the comedy drama ‘Train Track Tragedy’ on the Watercress Line. Above all, it was splendid to see David Cradduck back on stage after many painful weeks of chemotherapy with ‘A couple of me poems’ a la Pam Ayres – especially with a hilarious one that was set around 50 shades of grey.

It was also a great idea to offer a ploughman’s style meal in the break, with drinks served at the tables. It made everyone feel even more welcome.

Add to that the fact that the four shows that were more or less sold out. Perhaps it’s time for the Players to re-instate this kind of show every January as an alternative to the Panto-style shows on offer elsewhere?

This show had everything… it was colourful, bawdy and ever-so-slightly bonkers. All in all, a super scrumptious sizzling sensational show!

Kevin Gover