Cheriton Primary Big Spruce-Up


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Cheriton Primary Big Spruce-Up

Splash it all over – David Cradduck reports on the Cheriton Primary Big Spruce-Up.

What would persuade a bunch of school staff, governors and parents to give up their time at the start of the school holidays to tackle a major redecoration project at their primary school?

A good question, and one that a dedicated group of people have been asking themselves over the past few days at Cheriton Primary School as they scrubbed Blu-Tack off walls, washed skirting boards, repaired holes in walls, bought up a shed loads of paint, rollers and sandpaper from the local DIY stores and spent many happy hours splattering themselves with paint. Mainly though, the whole reason is a lack of money in the school budget.

Local Involvement in the Cheriton Primary Big Spruce-Up

Cheriton Primary Big Spruce-Up

The children got involved too – they wrote to local businesses such as B&Q,, Wickes, Homebase and Tesco to ask them to help by donating materials.

The response was far from fantastic it has to be said (rather disappointing for the kids apart from anything else), but there were some shining exceptions like Ruth Kirkby of Tesco who pitched up on the Saturday morning armed with bread rolls, ham, salad, cheese, crisps, fruit and drinks for the hard workers.

All this to fill a hole left by a shortfall in the school’s budget which means that unless these stakeholders roll their sleeves up and get on with it, it simply won’t happen. It is not a new problem – the school last had an internal makeover nearly two decades ago when a new hall was built, and some of that happened because of a different, but equally dedicated band of volunteers.

This last week’s efforts represents the tip of the iceberg, however – there is much still to do and the whole exercise will need to happen again very soon. In the following audio, you will hear more about the problems from Chair of Governors Claire Cholerton, Acting Headteacher Alison Duffy and the Governor who created the project, Tom Balme:

Phase 2 soon for the Cheriton Primary Big Spruce-Up

Cheriton Primary Big Spruce-Up

So Phase 2 means more materials, more money, paint, sandpaper, dustsheets, rollers and brushes. And, of course, people to use it all.

If you think you can help, in whatever capacity, Cheriton Primary School would love to hear from you. School is out for the summer but a quick email to will ensure that when the new term starts, the plan to get the rest of the school spick and span during the remainder of the year will become a reality.

David Cradduck