Bowie. From the Editor…


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Bowie. From the Editor...

Bowie – from the Editor.

Okay, nothing to do with Winchester but we can guarantee there are more than a few places in the city today where a few tears have been shed, including from us in the office here at Winchester Today. Well, me anyway. Those of you who know me from the radio will understand that this is one of those days when you can’t actually believe what you’re reading.

Bowie – where on earth do you begin? Perhaps for me it was ‘Starman’ and THAT appearance on ToTP.  Then it was the album ‘Aladdin Sane’. This album was shared around the entire class at my school back in 1973. Yes, we did that kind of thing back then, especially if we couldn’t afford the album. Each one of us had it in our possession for a precious day or two before we gave it back to the owner.

A story that I’ve told many people since then always brings a smile to faces. Being very short, platform shoes were de rigeur back then. Each precious inch made me just a little bit taller.

Imagine then a visit to the shops upon being told “You need a new pair of shoes.” There in the window were the ‘Bowie’ shoes. They were cherry red, with a green stripe down the front. I loved them. I just had to buy them. They were entirely inappropriate for school, so I wore them to school. Just to annoy the teachers. They were outraged, as were my parents. How on earth could I waste my money on these things? Easy. I can remember buying them, wearing them, loving them.

Bowie was fantastic live. Many people will forever be disappointed that they never saw Freddie Mercury on stage – I was lucky to see the original Queen three times. Then, this morning, I remembered that I had seen Bowie live too. I remembered the summer of 1990 when I was lucky enough to see Bowie on his Greatest Hits Tour in Milton Keynes. Not the most glamorous of places, I admit. But he was on form… and there I was, sitting there on the grass watching my hero. He was amazing. Just like he was at Live Aid.

It’s a sad day. But also a day to smile and rejoice in what has been left behind… the music. The music. The music.

Kevin Gover