Not So Cheery-Town for Cheriton…


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As most of us were beginning a weekend of what was to become beautiful weather, some in Cheriton had the rather unpleasant task instead of trying to remove nail varnish from cars and obscene messages from wheelie bins after a touch of unwanted vandalism.


Most of Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning was spent putting right the damage that left Cheriton resident David Robinson venting his anger – so much so that he was “incandescent with rage.”


David told Winchester Today that there has been trouble before in the area but: “Not to this extent.
“The council cleaned off the obscenities and the police were quite effective too. We have a lot of clean cars around now!”

Winchester Today has seen some of the other obscenities daubed onto cars, roads, walls and wheelie bins after being given other pictures, but has chosen not to publish them. Hampshire Police are investigating eight reports of criminal damage in all.

Images: David Robinson