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Cash on Delivery


Winchester Today reviews the Michael Cooney farce ‘Cash on Delivery’ by the Cheriton Players, 23 November 2016

Of one thing I’m sure. I have never laughed out loud for so long, for so many opportunities – to the point of tears in my eyes – at any performance by the Cheriton Players. That’s not to say that previous productions weren’t any good, of course they were. But this one is different.

Cash on Delivery

Eric Swan (played by Glynn Williams – above – SUPERBLY) is defrauding the Department for Work and Pensions and wants it to stop.

That is all you need to know.

I had completely lost the plot after just twenty minutes – and who was who and why – but that’s the beauty of this farce. It doesn’t matter! There then follows the many comings and goings of incumbent and previous fictional lodgers, lies and more lies, cross dressing, dead bodies, washing machines with minds of their own… to the point that you think you know what’s going to happen, except it doesn’t.

Cash on Delivery

Special mention to the following: Richard Perkins (above) who plays Dr Chapman – and who reminded me of a laid-back John Le Mesurier as he tries to placate the wife over the actions of her husband; David Cradduck who plays the DWP’s annoying inspector (nice braces!) and who always seems to be one step ahead of everyone else with the questions being asked; Jan Conway who allows, well… THAT!

Cash on Delivery

And then there’s Craig Robb (pictured above as Norman Bassett). Craig always seems to raise his game in every play I see him in, it’s quite extraordinary. (FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW TO HEAR CRAIG TALK ABOUT THE PLAY).

‘Cash on Delivery’ is resolved with a beautiful and unexpected twist – and the people in the audience were still laughing as they left the auditorium – always a good sign.  Michael Cooney – you can be very proud of what the Cheriton Players have achieved here. Credit to Helena Gomm for her first time as Director; we feel she won’t be allowed to refuse another one.

Cash on Delivery

Credit also to the washing machine which has a mind of its own – and two car batteries. You’ll see why.

‘Cash on Delivery’ runs until Saturday 26 November – all remaining performances are sold out.

Hear Craig Robb talk about the success of opening night