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Letter from the Editor – 15 November 2016

Greetings once more from Winchester Today Towers where the leaves are even more beautiful than last week – but still not so much wind to bring them down! Having done our dutiful task, we’ve cleared up everything so far from our huge sycamore tree and we seem to have spent the entire last week wishing for the remainder of the leaves to fall… I’m struggling actually to remember the last time we had such a relatively gentle Autumn on the wind front. Next year marks 30 years since the Great Storm of October 1987 by the way. I bet you remember every second of that night. I know I do… I was staying in a house right next to an electricity pylon (don’t ask…) which was sparking through the night.


As you know we have been involved very closely with a number of organisations in the area. Our charity partner is Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, we support the Cheriton Players and here in Winchester we are the media partner to the Winchester Short Film Festival.

As I am writing this, there are just two single seats left for the Cheriton Players’ run of ‘Cash on Delivery’ next week. They will probably be gone by the time you read this. I’m really glad that it’s yet another sell-out for this talented group of actors.

At the time of the last Letter, I had yet to witness any of the screenings at the Winchester Short Film Festival… but boy, I’m glad I did.

I’m so impressed with how much the Festival has grown just over the last year, with the number of screening venues up from two to six. Last Tuesday evening, I went along to a new venue for the Festival, the Loft at Winchester Piano Studios – a place which has been put together thoughtfully with plenty of light and space. It was a fantastic atmosphere – with plenty of films on show that were thought provoking. I’m very glad that two of the films I saw that night eventually turned out to do so well  – ‘Leeches’, which is a film from India on contract (one day) marriages and ‘Eden Hostel’ which is a bit more light-hearted and absolutely beautifully filmed.

‘Leeches’ won the International prize at the Brussels Film Festival earlier this year Watch the trailer for Leeches here – and it is a stunning film. Very difficult to watch, but it reflects real life. The production values on ‘Eden Hostel’ were just out of this world.


Watch the trailer for Eden Hostel here.


… which brings me on to watching the Christmas ads on the telly, as I’m talking about watching things. A lot of people are praising the amount of effort that’s gone into the blockbuster John Lewis, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s Christmas offerings. The imagination that goes into these creations is simply outstanding; it’s a British thing.

But I offer ten out of ten to Tesco who’ve come up with a great ad at a fraction of the cost. Congratulations for taking the mickey out of themselves and at least admitting that certain parts of Christmas start too early. The woman complains that her clothes “still smell of bonfire” – with the payoff line being that mince pies are yummy no matter what time of year. I know from many of my friends that Hot Cross Buns are a year-round thing at the store too, simply because people like them!


And finally…

Super Moon?

Super Cloudy more like…


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