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3,000 mile journey across the Atlantic will seal the ‘Triple A’ ::

by Kevin Gover :: News Editor
Tuesday 10 January 2017

On a normal day, you’ll most likely find Littleton’s Andy Styles running his payroll company in Alton. At the moment though you will find this ordinary man doing something extraordinary. A bit to your west. In the middle of the Atlantic! Andy is currently in the middle of a 62-day row across the Atlantic Ocean for charity.

On December 14th he and his two team mates Andy Sacker and Andy Cameron left the Spanish island of La Gamora to row 3000 nautical miles to the Caribbean island of Antigua. Oh, and none of them had ever rowed before. No pressure, then. The three Andys are taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, known as the toughest rowing race on the earth. Er, I take it back about the pressure.

They will be the first British trio to take part in the race, and hit several problems quite early on – the biggest being the lack of power. It led to them having to hand steer – which means one of them rowing for two hours while one steers and the other rests. That schedule goes on 24 hours a day for 65 days, making it very slow and tortuous.

If you have seen the Atlantic weather charts recently, you will also know that they have had some incredibly horrific weather too. A storm with four metre swells and a downpour of rain that hits you face on with such force that you can’t open your eyes to see where the next wave is coming from, means it was very difficult to make up any kind of ground in those extreme conditions.

On the positive they have seen lots of wildlife including a couple of whales and several pod of dolphins. On Christmas Day, the weather was good and they enjoyed corned beef, smash and baked beans as their festive dinner.


You may ask – why put yourself through all this? Well Andy Styles ‘final’ epic adventure (or so he says) hopes to complete the ‘Triple A’. He has already trekked to the North and the South Poles (Arctic and Antarctic) to be one of less than a handful to have done this.


The charities he has chosen are also close to his heart. One of them is Barnardo’s. Having lost his father at a young age he understands the support and the difference a positive role model make to a child’s future. His message is that with hard work and dedication anything is possible.


Another is Bowel Cancer UK as his brother recently used their services and he wanted to say thank you.

Joliba Trust is an African sustainability project. Having done an MA in Agriculture this is a subject Andy is passionate about.

We were alerted to the journey by Andy’s wife, Teejay. I asked Teejay if she was a little apprehensive about her husband being in the middle of the Atlantic: “Yes, I’m really worried. I try not to think about the details else I get really emotional.

“But you can’t stop someone following their dreams… they will only resent you. I’m so proud of Andy for what he’s already achieved, the money he is raising or charity and for attempting this Atlantic row. I have every confidence of Valentine’s reunion in Antigua.”

We’re sure that Teejay will be heartened by messages coming from the boat – one of which read: “Have passed 32 degrees west, for which we are delighted. Join us for warm-up party at 35 degrees – big one at 40 degrees! xxx

Follow the guys on Twitter @row_andy_row

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Main Picture: Ben Duffy @AtlanticCampaigns

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