2nd Permit Cost Up 40%


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Permit cost


Council informs drivers that it will cost 40% more for a second on-street parking permit.

All on-street permit holders in Winchester have been receiving letters over the weekend, marking out the changes to fees which will come into effect in early May.

While there is no increase proposed in the cost of any first permit issued to a property – this remains at £22 – a hefty rise is in prospect for 2nd, 3rd and 4th permits.

Permit Cost

(The letter delivered over the weekend)

Anyone who wants an additional permit will now have to pay £70 instead of £50 – equivalent to a 40% rise.

The council points out that charges for on-street parking permits in Winchester have remained static for the last 10 years and the only change is for second, third and fourth permits which will come into effect in early May.

The council is also keen to point out that parking schemes are ‘cost-neutral’ which means increases are to cover the cost of running the schemes not to raise revenue.

The costs of administration and enforcement are said to have increased.

Discounts of up to 75% on the price of permits are still available to vehicles with emissions of less than 90 CO2 g/km and electric vehicles.

The charge for visitor scratchcards will increase from £10 to £13 for a set of ten. Permits issued for amenity groups, business (customers) and guest houses will also increase.

A new online system is due to be introduced within the financial year to allow residents to apply for and manage their permits more easily.