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REVIEW The Addams Family Musical, Mayflower, Southampton 19 July 2017

From the creators of hit musical Jersey Boys comes new musical comedy The Addams Family. Having already found success on Broadway, the premiere UK production has made its way to Southampton and will spend two weeks at The Mayflower.

Starting life as drawings in The New Yorker by cartoonist Charles Addams, over time the Addams Family has been made into everything from TV sit-com to cartoon to film.


(Les Dennis)

This latest incarnation sees the family brought to life (or death) on stage with an all-star cast, including Les Dennis and Samantha Womack.


(Cameron Blakely and Samantha Womack)

Wednesday Addams, played perfectly by Carrie Hope Fletcher, is no longer a surly little girl. She’s now a surly young woman! And, she’s fallen in love with a nice boy, Lucas (Oliver Ormson), from a completely ‘normal’ family – the horror!


(Carrie Hope Fletcher)

With only her father Gomez in the loop, a series of hilarious attempts to conceal Wednesday and Lucas’ engagement ensue. Cue a disastrous family dinner…


Admittedly, things start out a little slow, and there are some parts that I just don’t get (why, oh why does Fester spend five minutes of the second Act singing a love song about the Moon?). However, these moments are over-shadowed by the brilliant comic timing displayed throughout the show.

Cameron Blakely is hilarious as the suave Gomez Addams, and Samantha Womack’s portrayal of Morticia is delightfully dry. Les Dennis’ narration as Uncle Fester keeps the plot moving forward, his performance a pleasing nod to the Fester of the 1991 film.

Special mention goes to Dickon Gough, whose performance as towering butler Lurch has everyone in stiches each time he crosses the stage at a glacial pace.


The ensemble is made up of a motley assortment of ghostly Addams ancestors, including Matador Addams, Geisha Addams and Viking Addams. A dynamic group, they maintain the musical’s sense of macabre, albeit with some slightly obvious Thriller-esque choreography.

Set against the backdrop of the quintessential Addams Family gothic townhouse, and accompanied by a full orchestra, fans of this family will delight in seeing them brought alive on stage. An evening of great, kooky fun!

Beccy Conway