New Tenner Revealed in Winchester


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What a day for Winchester… the brand new tenner has been unveiled at the Cathedral by the Bank of England on the 200th anniversary of the death of Jane Austen here in Winchester.


(The Bank of England’s Mark Carney alongside the Dean.)

It’s a stunning addition to our series of banknotes, featuring enhanced security, a gold depiction of the Cathedral, help for the visually impaired – and a portrait of the city’s own Jane Austen.


As with the fiver, the note is made of polymer, making it cleaner, safer and stronger.


(Winchester resident Stewart Newall gets temporary permission from the Bank of England representative to hold one of the new notes… before she asks him to, er… give it back.)


The Bank of England says the security features will make it very difficult to counterfeit.


The Dean of Winchester, the Very Rev Catherine Ogle told Winchester Today that she was delighted to see the new note: “There was a wonderful atmosphere. I found it quite moving, not just to see the images of Jane, but also the ones of Winchester Cathedral.

“I hadn’t realised that the Cathedral would be depicted in gold. The colour changes as you move the note… how is that done?!”

It’s fair to say that the Bank of England had received a certain amount of stick prior to the announcement that Jane Austen would be on the £10 note about the lack of female representation on its banknotes.


As we’d just heard about the Doctor Who role going to a female, I asked Mark Carney if he agreed that the week topped the ‘Girl Power’ charts – but could he guarantee that female representation would continue: “Yes, this is a serious issue. Serious barriers still exist in certain institutions. The Bank has been very active in removing some of those barriers.

“We’ve been trying to build a very strong pipeline of female employees, all the way up to designers and cashiers – and we have a very strong group of graduate employees joining us.”


(Images: Kevin Gover, Bank of England)