Boomtown Apologies


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Organisers at Boomtown have apologised to festival-goers after huge queues built up at the entrance.

Some claim they were forced to wait 7 hours or more without any water.

Kate Gregory (who provided our picture) was one of those who took to Twitter to vent a little fury after 1 hour:  1 hour in !! Please sort it out


… and then 4 hours. “This is a joke – still in a stationary queue -4 hours !!!!!!!!!”

But Kate later tweeted that she’d calmed down a bit and was feeling the vibe and loving life: “What queue?”

Here’s the full apology from organisers:

“We apologise sincerely to all those who were affected by the situation at the gates today (Thursday).

We have cleared the gates and everyone who was queueing is now inside the festival.

If you are in contact with anyone that may require assistance, please text BOOM (followed by a space) to 88600, with the gate letter / number and their location.

Our event control are monitoring this constantly and will respond to those in need of urgent assistance. We will also ensure any non urgent requirements will be communicated to those managing the gates.”