Waterloo – The Big Test


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Waterloo sees the first big test of getting commuters to work today as a result of the Waterloo and South West Upgrade.

The warnings have been in place for many months to make alternative arrangements ahead of the work – which essentially is to extend platforms to accommodate longer trains and help all of us.

This is no small project. £800m is being spent on the work which will continue until the end of August. Four extra platforms at the old Eurostar end will ultimately be brought back into use.

On the down side, many services from Winchester have been abandoned altogether (the service four minutes to each hour has gone altogether) and journey times are longer, with a minimum journey of 1 hour 14 minutes now the norm.

SWT reported trains this morning as being “very busy.”

Not so with some commuters who took to Twitter to write some comments. They included @johnpaulboi: “I’m on the 8.11 from Surbiton to Waterloo. I would say the train is 50% empty. Prob the most calm I’ve seen on a Monday.”

Others joked that it seemed like most commuters had “got the Waterloo Upgrade work-from-home memo…”

Ironically, the first real test had nothing to do with the upgrade at all… a network failure meant there were no automated announcements on platforms across the region.