Another Day, Another Strike…


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South Western Railway is experiencing its second walkout of three planned this week by members of the RMT union, in a continuing row over driver-only trains.  Four companies in all across the UK are facing the action today.

Bosses at South Western Railway say they’re again planning to run 70% of trains.

The RMT meanwhile says its members are “standing firm” this morning in the fight for rail safety. The union’s General Secretary is Mick Cash: “This week, in the midst of the Tory reshuffle shambles, we called on Chris Grayling to organise summit talks to move these disputes forwards. We have have had no response.

“Mr Grayling’s silence speaks volumes – and with today’s damning NAO report into the Southern Rail fiasco it ‎is becoming clearer by the minute that all the Tory Government are interested in is protecting the fat profits of the greedy private rail companies regardless of the impact on services and safety.

“The strikes today are about putting public safety before private profit. If RMT can cut deals in Wales and Scotland that guarantee a guard on the trains and which underpin public safety, security and access on our railways there is no reason we can’t reach the same agreements in England.

“RMT is available anytime, anywhere and it is down to the rail companies and the Government to lift the blockade and make those talks happen. ”

Winchester’s MP Steve Brine has described the action as politically motivated.

Earlier this week, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan described on his Twitter feed that the strike action was “a sign of failure on all sides.” He said those who were just trying to get to work in London faced another miserable journey, and that the lack of action from the Government and private rail companies was having a serious impact.