Election – 3 May 2018


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The latest from Editor Kevin Gover, who’s at the Winchester local election count:

0402: hope you have enjoyed our live updates. Off to bed!

0359: … and with Conservatives holding on to Central Meon Valley, that’s your lot!

0358: loud applause from the Conservatives as they are elected in Colden Common over Lib Dem’s 996 to 912

0336: Just Central Meon Valley and Colden Common / Twyford to come then.

*** RESULTS ***


Alresford & Itchen Valley – Margot Power (LIB DEM GAIN) 1710 – turnout 50.92%

Badger Farm & Oliver’s Battery – Brian Laming (LIB DEM HOLD) 1630 – turnout 50.91%

Bishops Waltham – Steve Miller (CON HOLD) 1650  – turnout 36.3%

Central Meon Valley – Linda Gemmell (CON HOLD) 1818 – turnout 39.87%

Colden Common & Twyford – Sue Cook (C) 996 47.28%

Denmead – Caroline Brook (CON HOLD) 1211 – turnout 32.77%

St Barnabas – Anne Weir (LIB DEM HOLD) 1887 – turnout 54.16%

St Bartholomew – Kathleen Becker (LIB DEM HOLD) 1389 – turnout 44.61%

St Michael – Lynda Murphy (LIB DEM GAIN) 1262 – turnout 45.95%

St Paul – Lucille Thompson (LIB DEM HOLD) 1402 47.09%

Southwick & Wickham – Neil Cutler – (LIB DEM HOLD) 835 – turnout 36.95%

The Worthys – Malcolm Prince (LIB DEM HOLD) 1098 – turnout 45.7%

Upper Meon Valley – Laurence Ruffell (CON HOLD) 1260 – turnout 41.8%

Whiteley & Shedfield – Roger Bentote (LIB DEM HOLD) 929 – turnout 39.05%

Wonston & Micheldever – Patrick Cunningham (CON GAIN) 1695 – turnout 46.03%

0150: We’ve just had a word with candidate Phil Ainsworth (St Bartholomew ward) – who says he’s a local candidate who fights on local issues: “It’s been great fun and I’ve really enjoyed it. We’ve heard about everything. Safety, crime, potholes, parking… you name it!”

Phil told Winchester Today that it was great to find out that passion for the city is high: “I like to turn national issues round into local ones… because a local candidate can actually have much more clout on local things and able to do something about it here. We’re passionate about the city!”


0055: A quick chat with Leader of the Conservatives, Caroline Horrill (pictured below), who thinks that her campaign has gone well: “You walk many miles because there’s a lot to get through – and we wanted to focus on the budget and what we’ve achieved.

”Regeneration projects are important to us – getting bins off pavements also seemed to be a hot topic. We also needed to get our ideas about offices in places like Bishops Waltham across though too.”

Caroline also reflected on national issues also playing a part: “We can’t get away from the fact that Brexit is here, even though Winchester voted to remain. The issue came up even though as a City Council we can’t do much about it. The difficulty’s that residents sometimes don’t accept who is responsible for what.”

Caroline also accepts that it wasn’t a good time to lose Amber Rudd as Home Secretary: “She was a terrific minister in my view… decent and straightforward. But she couldn’t account for her time in front of the Select Committee. Well done on her honourable position on that though.”


0005: The midnight food packs are now coming out and being distributed as the counting people who are sitting below the press gallery wait. And wait. And wait… I’ve also eaten all my Jaffa Cake allocation…

2356: Waiting for final set of postal votes before counting can begin.

2242: Returning Officer Laura Taylor says “verification may now begin” for certain areas.

2225: We’re safely in and installed at the count – steady stream of cars and ballot boxes arriving.


2200: It being 10pm, polling stations across Winchester are now closed. We’re heading down to the count, and we’ll keep you updated on this page.

0700: Polling stations across Winchester are now open for the 2018 Local Election.

The wards which will be contested in the Winchester City Council election are:

Alresford & Itchen Valley – 1 seat

Badger Farm & Oliver’s Battery – 1 seat

Bishops Waltham – 1 seat

Central Meon Valley – 1 seat

Colden Common & Twyford – 1 seat

Denmead – 1 seat

St Barnabas – 1 seat

St Bartholomew – 1 seat

St Michael – 1 seat

St Paul – 1 seat

Southwick & Wickham – 1 seat

The Worthys – 1 seat

Upper Meon Valley – 1 seat

Whiteley & Shedfield – 1 seat

Wonston & Micheldever – 1 seat

There’s also a contested Parish Council election in the following areas:

Bishops Sutton – 5 seats

Soberton Heath & Newtown  – 8 Seats

(Source: Winchester City Council)