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Help! I’m seeing double, double, double!
Twins take centre stage at Symonds

By Kevin Gover
News Editor

It may have been pouring down in Winchester this morning – but thousands of students across the city were all hoping for a little ray of sunshine peeking through the gloom.

l-r: Himmat Sohal, Arjun Sohal, Harry Ashton-Key,
Principal Stephen Carville, Thomas Ashton-Key, Catherine Darlinson, Henry Darlison 


Yes, it was time for THAT envelope.

And it seems that once again A level results for 2018 at Peter Symonds College are absolutely outstanding.

They tell us that the pass rate has been maintained once again at a staggering 99% with over a third of the grades awarded being at A* or A (34%)! The proportion of the very highest grades (A*, A, B) is an impressive 62%.

The highlights:

  • A third of grades awarded were at A* or A;
  • 12% of grades were the very top A* grade – 672 A* grades overall;
  • 130 students got A* in maths A level alone;
  • Nearly two thirds of A level grades were either A*, A or B:  the very top grades needed to get into the best universities;
  • 69% of grades awarded for the Extended Project Qualification were at A* or A.

The Principal of Peter Symonds College is Stephen Carville: “They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I am always very conscious of the contribution made by all our staff in bringing about these stellar results, but today the real stars of the show are the students: this is a truly remarkable performance by so many young people.

“I am immensely proud. This shows that Symonds remains the perfect place for ambition.”

Student Thomas Sharpe is one of the College’s top achievers. He received four A* grades and is going to read Economics at LSE, following in the footsteps of his brother Jonty who graduated from Peter Symonds last year and is also studying at LSE:  “The news is still sinking in. I’m feeling great and so glad all the hard work has paid off. I’ve loved my time at Peter Symonds and had great teachers who offered excellent support all the way through, particularly when I decided to change subjects to one that felt right for me.”

Harry and Thomas Ashton-Key were among 27 sets of twins at Peter Symonds who received their results today, with both achieving an incredible four A* grades in Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths, and heading to Oxford to read Physics, Harry at Exeter College and Thomas at Somerville College: “We’ve had a great experience at Peter Symonds with amazing opportunities – the College has been hugely supportive.”

Twins Arjun and Himmat Sohal, who both achieved three As in Chemistry, Maths and Physics, are going to the University of Bath to study Chemical Engineering: “Peter Symonds has offered us a really great learning environment surrounded by students who want to do well. There’s lots of independent learning which has been great preparation for university.”

Catherine Darlison and her twin, Henry, are both off to Cambridge, Catherine to study medicine at Jesus College and Henry to study music at St John’s College. Henry: “The Music department are wonderful and helped me to achieve all I wanted.”


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