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Salad Days


This was a feel-good, light hearted musical which helped to forget your backache and doctor’s appointments.

It was originally created in 1954 when Julian Slade and Dorothy Reynolds were given just one month to create a summer show for the Bristol Old Vic.

The show just hasn’t looked back since, with its sense of being created in a time of optimism and a brighter future.

It was very well choreographed and full of laughter. You could feel a bit of nostalgia for the ‘good old days’ – but be full of optimism with “not to look back” attitude, and this could be felt in the last song ‘We Said We Wouldn’t Look Back’ too.

Salad Days

The performance got a very warm reaction from the audience, and there was lots of applause and smiles afterwards.

Everybody was a star – there was beautiful singing and beautiful voices.

Lady Raeburn (Wendi Peters) was inimitable. It was a real joy to watch her and listen to her. She was funny, how she depicted every movement and every intonation of a spoiled rich lady but in a good, kind way.

Her dancing was superb. In fact, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

The costumes took you back to old romantic times – with a belief in true, pure love and real devoted friendship.

Salad Days moves on to Chesterfield, Salisbury Playhouse (22-27 October), Exeter, Bridlington and Guildford.

Dilyara Gover