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REVIEW: Winchester Film Festival (Wednesday)

After the wild and windy night on Tuesday, things had largely calmed down a little for Wednesday, and a little stroll through the Cathedral Close to reach P&G Wells in College Street was very pleasant.

As was the evening itself, because it had largely been turned over to comedy – and things we experience in every day life… forgiveness, jobs, dysfunctional families, flatulence and dying.

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‘Midnight Confession’ director Maxwell McCabe-Lokos also starred in his film which was set in a dingy flat in West Berlin in 1989. His character Manny Jumpcannon is seen ringing up various people from his past that he hasn’t seen for many years – asking for forgiveness for various deeds, deceit and confessions. He gets short shrift from most. Although funny, I admit I got a little lost on the ending, as it didn’t appear to go anywhere.


‘Hampi’ is an award-winning film (including Leuven International Short Film Festival) about a dysfunctional family. This great little story took us to India where young man Thomas’ spiritual journey there comes to a halt when he runs out of money. Back in Belgium the father tries to reunite everyone but it all comes to a sticky end including fist fights and broken noses.

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‘May Day’ (above) is another story from Belgium – and one that had us all laughing about a job offer where everyone invited along had to actually bid for it.

Having lived there I even recognised one of the place names (Rue Anneessens near Molenbeek). But I also recognised the conflict between French speaking and Flemish, between Polish and other nations. This film had gained co-operation from the French speaking national TV station RTBF and was very well put together.

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‘Final Review’ again had us all laughing (although given the context you shouldn’t really) where a man dies in a crash and then has to face a panel for a review of his life. It’s ironic that he dies while texting, when his advertising company has made road safety films.

This Dutch production was funny, well-made with extraordinary lighting – as you can see from the picture.

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‘Gas of the Rich’ was a very funny film about a rich man who enjoys caviar, smoked salmon – and who has utter contempt for everyone beneath him. As you can see from the picture, we never see his full face.

The ‘Gas’ referred to was ‘dropping one’ in a supermarket among a group of shoppers from different background, and each thinks the other has made the terrible smell. The argument that ensues – and what is said – is extraordinary.

The director ArnoBar was there too having come over from Paris to give more details about how this low-budget film was made essentially for free – a group of friends came together to make it a reality. Great stuff.

This was an unusual venue – upstairs in P&G Wells with 50 of us crammed into a small space. It has to be said it was very hot up there, but the small space and large amount of people meant a great atmosphere.

And so on to Thursday, and the Hampshire Records Office…