Peter Symonds: Opportunity Counts


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Peter Symonds


The principal of Peter Symonds college has responded to the Sutton Trust’s report on Oxbridge admissions and social mobility by saying opportunity is key.

It suggested that Oxbridge ‘over recruits’ from eight schools, with Peter Symonds being one of them.

The Trust suggested there is an imbalance in admissions at the cost of those less well off – and that there was little attempt to attract a broader range of talent.

Sara Russell gave this response: “Peter Symonds, a state sixth form college, welcomes a diverse range of students from a variety of backgrounds, and we pride ourselves on the opportunities available to all our students.

“We have a dedicated Oxbridge tutor and experienced staff who provide our students with the very best support if Oxbridge is their ambition.

“But we also support and guide all our students to ensure that every single one reaches their full academic potential.

“We are extremely proud of all our students, the progress they make here and all the different things they go on to do when they leave us.

“Our motto is ‘Counting in Ones,’ and this means we are dedicated to ensuring every single student leaves Peter Symonds College equipped for success and the next stage of their lives.”