Eight Hour M3 misery


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Hundreds of motorists spent much of Friday evening stuck on the M3 without food and water after a severe snowstorm hit Basingstoke and brought Junction 6 to a standstill.

Matrix signs on the M25 were already signalling from around 5.30pm that there were problems and delays of an hour on the M3 between junctions 6 and 7.

Three lorries had jack-knifed.

But the situation deteriorated still further – and rapidly.

Heavy snow was falling on the approach to Fleet Services and many pulled over to try to get some respite.


(The snow falls at Fleet Services)

By 8pm conditions were so bad that most traffic had just ground to a halt. It wasn’t until gone 11pm that traffic started moving again past Junction 6 and 7, although very slowly.


(Busy going nowhere. 8pm)

As we passed Junction 6 it became clear just how bad the situation had been. Lorries and cars were just abandoned on the roadside.

Some people further back in the queue tweeted to Winchester Today that they endured FIVE hours without moving.

We understand that some had become so fed up that they simply fell asleep where they were.

All traffic was cleared by 0130. Emergency services remained at the scene through until the early hours, removing abandoned vehicles.