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Give Us a Push Picture Exclusive

If you were stuck in THAT traffic jam around Winchester earlier that spread up Romsey Road and down towards the centre, you were probably wondering why?


Stuck, and no way to get by.

Well, it was a coach that had got stuck with a faulty transmission on Upper High Street.

The problem is that it was so close to the monument that absolutely nothing could get by.

The driver tried as much as he could to get it started, inching forward little by little, but nothing substantial was happening.


Step forward then a willing crowd who joined together to push the coach forward and out of the way.



Jason lives nearby and told Winchester Today how he helped. Sort of…: “I did the classic British management by pointing and delegation and making sure that everyone was at the back of the bus doing their thing.

“It’s quite difficult if you get stuck here. I know the tailback went right up the hill past the hospital and beyond and then down in the centre of town, so yes, quite a strategic point.”