Streetlights – a personal view


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This morning I fell victim to the streetlights being switched off outside Winchester Today Towers.

I say victim, because that’s how I feel, as its no fault of mine that they will not be on in the early hours.

I came out of the premises and genuinely thought there had been a power cut as it took me some moments to realise what had happened.

It reminded me of the power cuts in the 1970s when I lived in Bath. No-one was happy.

Back in 1980, I used to work in Chippenham – and was bemused by the fact they used to switch off the lights at midnight. I used to think that it was literally the dark ages compared to Bath.

I asked a close friend if she felt safe walking home after midnight – she too had good reason for having to do so. It was a firm “no”.

In later years the town moved in the other direction and made sure that the streets were fully lit.

As I drove through the city, I passed Winnall in total darkness. Not a good feeling.

People might ask why I’m out at 3 in the morning anyway… well, like others, I have three jobs to contend with.

Almost 40 years later Winchester has, I regret to say, moved backwards.

Today, for the first time in 12 years of living here, I did not feel safe in Winchester.

Is it really work the risk?