Lib Dems Dominate EU Elex In Winchester


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The Liberal Democrat’s message of ‘Remain’ appears to have struck home in the EU elections in Winchester, taking a 40.4% share of the European Election vote on Thursday. That’s a 23.6% increase on last time.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit party took 29.1% of the share, despite the party only being in existence for six weeks.

The Green Party saw only a slight increase of 0.7%, to come in third with a 12% share.

The Conservatives took a 10.2% share of the vote, coming in 4th place – but more importantly taking a huge hit on the vote share, down 26.8%.

UKIP also took a huge hit, down 21.5% of the share to come 7th.

This morning, Lib Dem spokesman in Winchester, Martin Tod, gave this reaction to Winchester Today: “I’m delighted that we elected three MEPs on Thursday and also very pleased that the Liberal Democrats topped the poll in Winchester with the highest Lib Dem vote in the whole of the South East.

“The message in Winchester is crystal clear – most of us locally want to stop Brexit – and I intend to keep working to make that happen.”