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Teenager takes her first solo flight while still sitting her GCSEs.

(Images: Matthew Myatt)

16-year-old Elizabeth Ormston is on top of the world after flying solo while still sitting her GCSE exams at school.

The teenager from Kings’ School in Winchester flew alone for 10 minutes at the Popham Airfield just 8 days after her 16th birthday – and is the youngest at the airfield to do so.


Matthew Myatt is the director of AirBourne Aviation based at Popham Airfield here in Hampshire and told Winchester Today that it’s an amazing feat: “We are so very proud of Elizabeth’s achievement.

“She is a gifted pilot and an inspiration for young girls all over the world who dream big dreams.”


Elizabeth will now move on to the next stage of flying – but still has to get through those exams. Even as we write this, she’s sitting another one at Kings’… Her headteacher Matthew Leeming is also proud of her achievements so far: “We’ve always known that Elizabeth is a real high flyer.”


As for Elizabeth herself, well she told Winchester Today that she loves being up in the clouds: “The harder you work for something, the greater you feel when you achieve it. That’s the way I feel about flying.

“Anyone can fly an aeroplane but it takes commitment and determination to become a pilot and I couldn’t have done this without the support of AirBourne Aviation, my family and friends.”


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