Annoyed of Winchester!


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Right from our launch in July 2012, we always said that we’d take every opportunity to get our FREE publication out to as many people, and that we would not charge you anything for reading our news.

We even changed one sound host which had previously insisted that everyone had to create an account just to listen to our broadcasting.

There’s the newspaper, radio, podcasting, video and the online edition of the newspaper. To repeat, our mission statement has been that all our news will be free at the point of delivery. No ifs, no buts.

Our online host publisher has tried to take as many things away from us as newspaper publishers; month by month there’s something else we can’t do.

This month, the latest trick is to want £400 for an ‘upgrade’ so that we can tell you properly where the edition is – yep, they’re now refusing to give us the embed code for free.

Well, we’re not going to play their game. Not when they also put ads here there and everywhere.

It means an extra ‘click’ for you, but we hope you can put up with that.

In a nutshell, our website has lost some of its prettiness. But not our mission statement.

Kevin Gover

News Editor