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Essential Vinyl
Roxy Music
16 June, 1972
Island / Polydor

roxy music

We’re going back 47 years for this one.


Recorded over a short few weeks in March 1972 and released by June, this was the debut album from Roxy Music. 

Some of the tracks later made it on to ‘Viva’ and became even better in a live environment.

‘Sea Breezes’ became even better still when Bryan Ferry recorded it by himself.

Later on in 1973, I was at the Garraway Boys’ Club in Bath for what was probably my first ever disco as a paying customer.

It was in a small room, the DJ had just one turntable and one small speaker which was on maximum volume.

But it was one record that he played that really got me into my career at the age of 13 – and thinking wow, yet again.

That record was Pyjamarama. I begged him to play it again. Defining moment.

Perhaps you also have Virginia Plain on your copy of this album, because although it wasn’t recorded by the time the album was released, it was added on later because of its success.

Have a look on YouTube and you’ll see a Whistle Test performance of another track on this album – Ladytron, featuring weird and wonderful noises from Brian Eno, fly specs on Phil Manzanera, and fantastic vocals from Bryan Ferry.

They were, and still are, three of the coolest guys on the planet.