Steve Brine Defies PM On Brexit


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Winchester constituents have taken to Facebook and Twitter to congratulate MP Steve Brine for “taking a stand” and putting the country before his career in the latest vote over Brexit.

He became one of 21 MPs to vote against the government on a no-deal Brexit, ultimately  defeating Boris Johnson.

According to threats previously issued by Number 10, he is now expelled from the Conservative party and will be banned from standing for them in the next General Election.

On Monday night, Steve wrote a lengthy article on his Facebook page explaining that he’d had a 30-minute meeting with the PM to explain a “safe exit from the EU is where I believe the vast majority of his constituents are… and that means leaving with a deal.”

Steve also said for his own future that: “I have little concern for myself or my career and made it clear to the PM I thought threats made to Conservative MPs were unhelpful.”

More will follow on this developing story.